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What is it?

a-ACADEMY is an innovative educational platform that makes learning exciting and effective. The highly interactive educational content was developed in close collaboration between African educators, international curriculum editors and instructional designers.


a-ACADEMY is aligned to the 8-4-4 curriculum, approved by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) and perfectly applicable in Africa.


What is it?

Approved by KICD and 8-4-4 curriculum aligned

Perfectly applicable in Africa

Highly-interactive educational content

Who is it for?

a-ACADEMY is perfectly suited for primary schools, pimary school children and any other project or person that is interested in qualitative and engaging educational content.


Parents and children can freely explore the unique and captivating content from the comfort of their own homes, ultimately boosting students' self-study techniques and improving their performances in the classroom.


It also empowers teachers and schools to offer their students engaging interactive lessons within a classroom setting.


For whom is it?



Parents & Children


Why is it special?

a-ACADEMY let's its users dive into a one-of-a-kind learning adventure. It features a comprehensive digital curriculum that is pedagogically structured into subjects, units and lessons. Furthermore, a-ACADEMY offers an integrated lesson plan containing thousands of captivating learning activites.


The implemented Term Assessment section ensures thorough exam preparation for the children and prepares them to succeed.


What is special?

A comprehensive

digital curriculum

Pedagogically structured

into subjects & units


Term Assessments

Is it really for free?



a-ACADEMY is totally free of charge for individuals such as parents and children.


We are always looking forward to partnering with schools, projects or other organisations that are equally passionate about education. You can get in touch with us to find out more about the best ways to collaborate.


Is it really for free?
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