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High-quality education for everybody.

To continuously narrow the education gap, we are equipping slum-based schools with a-ACADEMY free of charge. Our vision is also to give the poorest and most vulnerable access to high-quality digital education and prepare them for a digital environment to increase their chances of finding a well-paid job after schooling.     

Educating teachers to achieve sustainability.


We not only train teachers in how to integrate a-ACADEMY most effictively in their teaching, but have also expanded this service and established a support programme, further empowering them toward the goal of a  continuous professional development.     

Classroom management and control

Pedagogy and instruction

School systems and operations

Creating a conducive school culture and climate

Interactive teaching methodologies

So far, more than

80 schools

150 teachers


2,000 children

have benefitted.

Expercience an interview from inside Nairobi's Mathare slum about a-ACADEMY's impact.  

Step-by-step we aim at scaling up within the Mathare slums from primary to secondary school levels.


Additionally, we intend to equally impact even more slum areas in Nairobi, such as Kariobangi, Huruma and the wider Kiberia slums. 

Get in touch with us if you are searching for help or want to support our projects.  

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