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Your guide to a successful education in Africa.

30 Sources of Scholarships in East Africa

If attaining a good education is one of your life goals, equipping yourself with information on sources of scholarships will definitely come in handy. With the global economic inflation, the cost of education has gone up and may become a challenge for most households. Luckily, there are scholarships. A scholarship is a grant or payment made to support a student's education, usually awarded on the basis of academic or co-curricular activities such as sports.


Here are some of scholarship sources available in Kenya and abroad:

Corporate-sponsored scholarships

Corporate scholarships are offered by companies that believe in investing in education. To make the best out of corporate scholarships, it might be worth considering what your goals are for your career as well as take into account the amount different corporates are granting.The following is a list of organisations and corporate-sponsored scholarships:

Non-Profit organisations scholarships

Non-profit organisations usually offer educational scholarship that suits their educational and professional ambitions. Examples of such scholarships include:

Scholarships for specific education institutions

These are scholarships offered by learning institutions to support students with high potential to access their studies in their facility. The following are some of the Universities you may consider as they have open scholarships for 2016-2017:

Government-sponsored scholarships

There are local and international government scholarships offered in Kenya. Common scholarship opportunities offered by the government in Kenya are:


For career excellence you can only look beyond your limitations, don’t shy away from opportunities, but take them and forge forward. Explore the scholarship opportunities and flourish in your area of interest.

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