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9 Effective Ways to Help your Child Perform Better Academically

Times may change how parents raise their children however it has not changed the desire for parents to see their children excel academically. Despite the hectic schedule parents face today, most of them struggle with the question “how can I support my child to learn better?”


In order to keep your child motivated to thrive academically, consider implementing the following points:

1. Establish a friendly, open and respectful relationship

An open relationship with your child builds confidence not only to solving their problems but also to seek help on various issues, including academics.

2. Offer ample study area

A child’s full attention is important while giving guidance to your child. A silent environment may easily boost communication between you and your child.

3. Develop a study schedule

For instance if a child is a morning person, the parent should encourage their child to study in the morning, and the opposite should take place for a child who is more active in the evenings.

4. Break down the content

Agree with the child on how to break down their different assignments. Breaking down assignments into little portions could be a great source of self confidence as they can see and enjoy results easily and more frequently.

5. Incorporate rewards

Consider a reward, but moderate the different levels of awarding. A reward helps associate hard work or achievement with a positive feeling.

6. Collaborate with the teacher

Communication between the teacher and the parent will ensure that the two speak the same language when addressing the child. It also ensures that the two support each other in a comprehensive manner geared towards the child’s best interest.

7. Lack of motivation or anxiety?

Kids may not be able to explain anxiety or fear to you since it may not be at a conscious level for them. As a parent, create an environment that supports the child to deal with various challenges.

8. Diversify learning material

There is a growing number of digital content available in the market providing a wide variety of content usable for studying. Incorporating digital content may boost the understanding of concepts in challenging subjects for your child. Such digital content include a-ACADEMY digital content for schools that is approved by Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development.

9. Impart life balance

Make sure your interaction with your child does not revolve around their grades and other academic achievements. Show interest in their extra-curricular activities such as sports, and encourage interaction with other family members and friends.

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