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6 Tips to Help You Strike a Balance Between Academics and Extracurricular Activities

Education extends beyond classes, books and homework. Learning could occur as you interact with your friends during break time, at the field as you play your favorite game or even over the weekend doing your favourite activity. Undertaking extracurricular activities is a great way to develop teamwork, leadership, communication and time management skills. Therefore, a good balance between academics and extracurricular activities could see you develop into a well-rounded successful student. However, balancing between academics and extracurricular activities is often challenging for students, most of whom choose to focus more on either one of them while neglecting the other. An imbalance causes poor performance in one area but can lead to stress and anxiety in both.


Here you will find 6 tips on how to keep a healthy balance between the two:

1. Choose wisely

Chose the right extracurricular activity for you. The perfect fit is not always the easiest; rather, take time to explore the extracurricular activities available to you and what you could gain from each one of them. Compare this with your expectations and choose at most 3 activities that are closest to what you need. The cost and time required to attend to the activity should also be guiding factors to determining a good fit. Ultimately, choose something you enjoy doing and something that will help you on your way to success.

2. Manage your time

Plan ahead especially if the activities you are taking on will be taking a lot of your time. Begin by creating a priority list which should include both academics and extracurricular activities. Then, plan out what needs to be done and when it needs to be finished by. Ensure you have scheduled enough time for your studies. You should also plan time to relax to avoid burning out.

3. Stick to your plan

Once you have made your plan, it is important that you stick to it. If something you had not initially thought of arises, take time to review your plan to see where it would best fit. Avoid procrastination as it leads to build up of backlog which could lead to stress and anxiety.

4. Get organized

Like the saying goes, ‘work smarter, not harder’. Before your school term begins, think of ways to make your work easier and how to ensure a successful term. For instance, you could ensure you have all you need for your academics and extracurricular activities well in advance. Keeping your books and other items organized is also a great way to save time. If you find that you forget some of your tasks, you could use stickers to remind you when your next activity is due. Consider using a digital calendar or organiser.

5. Be honest with yourself

Evaluate how you are doing and give yourself honest feedback in regards to your achievements in your academics and your extracurricular activities. If you find that you were too ambitious, be sure to review your plan and make adjustments. Always refer to your plan and learn to say no if you cannot handle an extra activity no matter how much you want to.

6. Ask for help

If you find that even with these tips you are not satisfied, be sure to ask for help from the relevant person at your school or from your parents.


You will find that once you use these tips consistently, your school life will become much easier and more enjoyable. Remember, extracurricular activities are as important as your academic activities. A good balanced between the two is a great start to a successful life in future.

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